Jeremy Lavergne
updated January 04, 2017


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Graduated: June 2008
Bachelors of Science, Computer Science: separating easy and hard logic programming problems, database theory, computer organization, mobile networking, math logic, network security, network systems programming



2016 to Present
Shoobx, Boston, MA
Systems Engineer: Bringing Shoobx infrastructure to the next level.

2010 to 2016
Health Union, Philadelphia, PA
Tech Lead: Automated deployment using distributed systems at Amazon. Set performance expectations of distributed newsletter platform. Created production storage platform for UX team. Led PII-protection and storage policies. Placed application environment into configuration management. Integrated external systems.

2011 to 2012
IBM, Boston, MA
Lotus/Domino SpeedTeam: created new automated security tests, added verification of internal hotfix tools, led recruitment efforts at top programming contest site.

2007 to 2011
Association for Computing Machinery, Cincinnati, OH
Regional Contest Systems Manager: Coordinated administration and preparation at all contest locations in East Central North America (ECNA). Required timely and extremely reliable communication with remote system administrators. Prepared and installed servers for data center. Administrated systems at Cincinnati site. Created AJAX interface for live scoreboard. 2009 ECNA Representative to Stockholm, Sweden world finals.

2008 to 2011
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Graduate Student: Created cluster and license use monitoring tools using rrdtool. Modified MRBS, an open source software package, to use LDAP/Kerberos authentication levels and generate PDFs, serving as the clinical scheduling web application for nurses. Developed transparent https intercept proxy. Developed binary installers and portfiles of PSPP for MacPorts, an open source package manager for Mac OS X.

2005 to 2007
LexisNexis, Dayton, OH
Co-op: Used Java reflection to create a capture/replay facility that functioned with every LexisNexis online application. Trained offshore team. Automated server startup script generation. Designed, developed and supported software interfaces for LexisNexis that allowed dozens of applications access to the low level infrastructure components of LexisNexis' online system. Organized transition between document repository services.



Fullstack Linux/Apache/MySQL and sqlite/PHP, Python, Web 2.0 JavaScript and jQuery and HTML, bash, LaTeX, Postfix, sed/awk, Java/Android, tcl



Invited Speaker, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010
Mentor, Google Summer of Code for MacPorts, 2009–2015
Maintainer, MacPorts Project, 2009–Present
Member, ACM ICPC Regional Steering Committee, 2010–2011
Organizer, ACM Faculty/Staff Appreciation Breakfast, 2011
Student Member, ACM, 2007–2012.
Engineering College Senator, U. of Cincinnati Student Senate, 2004–2006.
Judge, Formula One in Schools, 2005–2008.
Repeater Coordinator, U. of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club, 2005–2010.



Available upon request.