CLIS 2008
Competitive Learning Institute Symposium
Banff, Alberta Canada. 6-10 April 2008



William (Bill) B. Poucher, Baylor University
Bill Booth, Baylor University

Tomas Cerny, Baylor University
Michael Donahoo, Baylor University
Eunjee Song, Baylor University

Open Source Performance, Profiling, and Optimization Tools for   Enterprise Java Applications
Ray Holder, Baylor University
Michael Donahoo, Baylor University

Posing Interactive Contest Problems in the ICPC Scoring Model
Marc Furon
Ed Skochinski
Jefery Roberts

Programming Contest Scoring System
Martin Kacer

Challenge Problem Resuscitation, Restoring life to the ICPC Challenge
David Sturgill
Roman Elizarov

Neural Network Competitive Learning Models in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
Maung M Htay

Introduction to Virtualization
Brian Sitton, Dell

Using Mooshak as Competitive Learning Tool
José Paulo Leal,
U. of Porto
Fernando Silva

Contest to Classroom
Gordon V. Cormack

Training ICPC teams
Rujia Liu, presented by Xiaojun Wu

Design of a Repository of Programming Problems
José Paulo Leal,U. of Porto
Ricardo Queirós

EduJudge: Integrating Online Judge into effective e-learning
Miguel A. Revilla Ramos, U. of Valladolid

Code Game Challenge
Mikhail Mirzayanov
Roman Alekseenkov (Saratov)

History and RCD Survey
Bill Booth, Baylor University